You are invited to a Community Dialogue Meeting via the Addison Central School District to discuss alignment of our education goals and the ACSD Board’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan with facilities and enrollment realities. The unification of our school district in 2017 has brought unique challenges and opportunities for our students and families, faculty and staff, and other community members. How do we ensure equitable distribution of resources across the District? How do we provide the best learning environment for all of our students with our current fiscal and enrollment conditions? How do we maintain reasonable property tax rates for our citizens? Come add your voice to the discussion and be a part of the solution to our community’s Grand Challenge!

Who: The ACSD Board’s Planning & Engagement Committee and YOU What/Where/When: Three Community Dialogue Meeting Opportunities — Choose the one that fits your schedule!

• 10 am Sat, Nov. 3rd at MUHS
• 6:30 pm Tues, Nov. 13th at MUMS
• 6:30 pm Wed, Nov. 14th at MUMS
We Want to Hear From You! Access to Updates and Information: Copies of data and information shared during the community dialogue meetings will be available on the ACSD website and in hard copy form at libraries and town centers throughout the District. For e-mail updates, please request to join the ACSD mailing list at Questions or Comments? Additional questions and comments may be directed to the ACSD Central Office at 802-382-1274, or e-mailed to Feedback surveys will also be distributed at the community dialogue meetings, and will be available online at the ACSD website: