Do you like listening to extremely impressive people talk? Want to spend your Sunday morning doing something fun?

If so, buy your tickets NOW to TEDxMiddlebury 2018. The theme for this year is “(Un)hinged,” which to us, is about exploring the thin line between stability and crisis, of routine and innovation, and of chaos and order, all of which often exist in flux if not in parallel. Topics can include anything, big or small, that signals a turning point in one’s life. (Un)hinged tests the boundaries of our ties to ourselves, each other, and our collective identities; much of our daily lives are shaped through interactions with each other and the world around us. (Un)hinged gives us the space to find the balance between our past and present, our dreams and nightmares, our built and natural environments, and progress and nostalgia.

Tickets are $8 for students, $15 for staff and faculty, and $20 for community members. The event will last from 10am to 1:30pm with breakfast and lunch provided.

Speakers this year: TBA

It promises to be an exciting event, so take some time out of your busy schedules and join us! We’re pumped: are you?!

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.