Middlebury is a town of interesting nooks and crannies with lots to discover. That’s true for the parking spots in Downtown Middlebury as well, all of which are FREE! Here’s the inside scoop on where you can find a place to park so you can get out and enjoy our wonderful downtown.

Main Street
Closest to the Post Office and National Bank of Middlebury, Main Street offers a number of 2-hour spots that are monitored by a parking attendant.

Merchants Row
One of the most heavily utilized parking areas for the downtown with regular turnover in spaces; these spots are also 2-hour spaces that are monitored by an attendant.

North Pleasant Street
Past the Town Hall Theater and less than two minute walk to Merchants Row. Spaces are available on an all-day basis.

South Pleasant Street
Located on Route 7 near the Congregational Church, these are also spaces available on an all-day basis and only a two minute walk to the center of town.

Seymour Street
There are often open spaces within a 2-5 minute walk from the intersection of Main Street all the way down Seymour Street, available with no time restrictions.

Upper Library lot
The lot closest to the library and town office is a a heavily utilized lot with quick turnover. There are spaces with 30 minute limitations as well as 3 hour spaces that are monitored by a parking attendant.

Lower Library lot
Just below the upper lot, the lower lot often has spots available that are available without time restrictions. There is also overnight parking in this lot, please see designated space signs. There are stairs to bring you from the lower lot to the upper lot.

Park Street
There are a few spots available on Park Street with two hour restrictions monitored by the parking attendant.

Frog Hollow Lot
An all day lot with a charging station, this lot is unrestricted for all day parking. This lot is approximately 5 minutes from the center of downtown connected by a sidewalk up a hill as well as stairs.