Please join Jen Peterson, 500hr E-RYT, and Mary McGillivray, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner & Teacher, for this nourishing special holiday practice.

Yin yoga gets you in touch with your true self, untarnished by the stories you tell yourself about who you are-and who you aren’t. Biofield tuning uses energy fields within and around us to reconnect us to the natural rhythms of the universe. Both modalities are tools for finding harmony and receiving our innate wisdom. Together, they will launch you into a great new year feeling freer and ready to receive all that life can offer!

“The next day and days following my body felt much less tight than usual. It feels like the Yin and tuning forks began to help loosen some deep fascia knots. I want to do it again!”
– TM, workshop participant

Space is limited so on-line registration is required: