KeruBo is a performing music artist born in Kendu bay, Kenya. She has been a working musician for more than 20 years. Her diverse musical influences range from traditional African music to gospel, blues, Afro-jazz, and jazz.  She has toured the world working as a backing vocalist and dancer for prominent African-fusion artists such as Suzanna Owiyo and the late Achieng Abura.

​They have been her strongest influences in her love for Afro-Jazz and the World Music genre.  Before relocating to the United States, KeruBo was lead singer and manager her own band Keru-Blues, a jazz-blues fusion band that played venues in Kenya. KeruBo now lives in Vermont serving her community as a cultural broker, social worker, and K-12 educator.
​KeruBo is Irene Webster, Cody Sargent,  Joshua Child, Luke Hauserman, Mami-Hassan Coly, Michael Webster, Ruth Baldasty,  Connor Young, Demitrius Kingeorge.

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