Between labor shortages, having pivoted everything from product/service offerings to marketing strategies to operations, and with supply chain issues and inflationary pricing to boot, Vermont’s business owners are having to wear more hats, do more, and keep on their toes to evolve and adapt at a pace that’s bringing new challenges for time management, balance, predictability, and efficiency.
Given that the pandemic is still not under control in much of the world and even the most local of businesses is intertwined in some ways with the global economy, this is a trend that’s likely to remain an issue for some time. In this workshop business owners will gain time management tools that have been specifically adapted for the “new normal” of business through boots-on-the-ground experiences the presenter has had rolling up his sleeves creatively with local business owner clients throughout the pandemic.
Attendees will leave with tools to:
*Stay focused on holding and building your big vision even while fires may burn around you
*Gain efficiencies even with smaller-than-optimal teams while still maintaining a positive culture
*Learn the 9 key ways small business owners should be using their time moving forward to gain balance, efficiency, and resilience and staying power in an ever-evolving and still uncertain business climate.
*Find ways to get more time and breathing room in your days even while having to wear more hats than ever.
LOCATION: Zoom Meeting
COST: Free for Members, $15 for Non-Members
or EMAIL ROB (You must register to attend. Zoom meeting link will be emailed to registrants on August 11th)