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With so much to do and see, Middlebury is worth a visit! Come for the week or weekend. Stay at one of our quaint bed and breakfast or full service hotels. You can arrive by car, train, plane, or ferry.  Visit during any season to discover why Vermont is so special.

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Gift Giving Ideas Vol. 2

Sue Hoxie, Better Middlebury Partnership As I started to write Vol. 2 of this blog series with gift giving ideas for men, an old Monty Python song was rattling around in the head—“Men, Men, Men”. My parents let me stay up late on Saturday nights in the early 70’s to watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I can only imagine their embarrassment at how completely inappropriate this song was for a pre-teen. You’ll have to Google it yourself. That said…with the…

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Farmers Market

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Tasting Trail

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