Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems: Middlebury is Full of Them!
July 27-August 8

Find the hidden gemstones around downtown Middlebury and exchange them for Middlebury Money!

Collection bags will be available beginning on Monday, July 27th in the ATM area of the Main Street branch of the National Bank of Middlebury– grab one and start searching for gems (hidden in the pink shaded area!) between Monday 7/27 and Saturday, 8/8. Please do not take more than 25 gems per child; leave some for your fellow gem hunters!

Kids can choose to keep their gems or turn them in for Middlebury Money. Kids can turn in their bags of at least 15 gems at the National Bank of Middlebury and receive $10 in Middlebury Money in exchange. Exchanges can happen at the National Bank of Middlebury Drive-Thru on Seymour Street during the week of 8/10. You can also exchange them in person in front of the Main Street branch between 2-4 pm on Monday, 8/10 Middlebury Money prizes limited to the first 200 children.