A public lecture by Jessie Park, Nina and Lee Griggs Assistant Curator of European Art, Yale University Art Gallery

For over 200 years, ivory sculptures with Christian iconography were produced in the Spanish Philippines for local and transpacific markets. These masterfully carved ivories have long been examined from the vantage point of European hegemony, in which aspirations of ivory carvers and a larger migrant community to which they belonged in the Philippines were unaccounted. This talk proposes an alternative approach to looking at the ivories by exploring the interlocking developments of maritime trade, migration, and competition in Southeast Asia. It will demonstrate the agency of ivory carvers in creating sculptures of global appeal and thereby reversing the direction of artistic transmission across the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.


Part of the Light Up the Night Fall Arts Fest, throughout November 2020: student-focused, student-led arts and cultural activities taking place all over campus.

To watch the lecture, you may need the password: 607998