Living in these divisive and tumultuous times fills us with passion and energy to work toward the life-nourishing and just world that we want for ourselves, all beings, and future generations. Life also tests our mettle and can be draining and enraging. How do we work with the fear, anger, overwhelm, hopes and other strong emotions that roil us? How do we move toward positive visioning and co-creating? The Work That Reconnects, developed over the past 40 years by Joanna Macy and many colleagues, provides time-tested personal and group practices to help empower us. Gratitude, honoring our pain, seeing with new eyes, and resolve to go forth with intention tap into universal wisdoms and instill in us new energies for creativity and collaboration. Join us for a heartfelt day.

If you wish to contribute, $10 donations accepted to cover minimal costs and contribute to the food shelf, or bring a food donation.