Sixth generation Vermonter, and four time NPR Moth Story Slam winner, Bill Torrey recently retired from logging with most of his sanity and darn near all his fingers and toes. Join us for an evening of storytelling about living and working in the forests of Vermont. 

Join Master Storyteller, Woodsman and Author Bill Torrey as he weaves together true, hilarious, heartwarming and sometimes heart wrenching stories of his life.  The NPR Moth Mainstage Performer and Four-Time Moth StorySlam Winner will take you on a jaunt through the real Vermont.  Listen to a sixth generation native who grew up close to the land and worked in the woods for forty years.  Stories of loyal friends and tolerated family, middle school dances and mean teachers, tall trees and devoted dogs. Hear the Author of The Ta Ta Weenie Club, who’s priceless narratives of his upbringing during the ‘60’s drew vast praise, continue the journey with true, amazing stories from his soon to be published book, Cutting Remarks- Forty Years in the Forest

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