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Introducing Midd Money Match

Friday, October 12, 2018

Get paid to shop locally!

Neighbors Together, a community action group comprised of many local organizations and businesses, is introducing a town-wide local shopping rewards program called Midd Money Match.

Midd Money Match cards can be picked up at the National Bank of Middlebury (Main St branch), the town office (Treasurer’s Office at 77 Main St) and at many participating businesses. It’s very simple:

  1. Shop or dine locally and present your Midd Money Match card
  2. The business will either provide you with a sticker or will initial one of the ten spaces on your card
  3. When you fill up all ten spaces, turn in your card at the National Bank of Middlebury (any branch) or at the Treasurer’s Office in the town office.
  4. Start all over again!

Here are the rules: You can only get one stamp/initial/sticker for each shopping experience. If you go into Kiss the Cook and spend $50, you still get one stamp. Please make sure you fill out your name and contact information at the bottom of your Midd Money Match card before you turn it in. That’s it!

FAQ about Middlebury Money and the Midd Money Match program:

So what’s Middlebury Money, anyway? 

Middlebury Money is a local currency accepted only at local businesses in our community in order to keep spending local whenever possible. The Better Middlebury Partnership (BMP) runs the program in partnership with the National Bank of Middlebury.

How does a business start accepting Middlebury Money?

It’s easy! When a customer wants to pay with Middlebury Money, just check to be sure the routing and account numbers are visible and not damaged. If they are not readable, please tell the customer they will need to call the National Bank of Middlebury. Middlebury Money is an actual check so you can treat it the same way you would a personal check. Endorse the back and deposit or cash at your local financial institution.

Does a customer have to pay with Middlebury Money to get a sticker on their MMM card?

Nope. They just need to have spent at least $10.


How do customers know which businesses are participating?

The vast majority of Middlebury businesses are choosing to participate in the Midd Money Match program. Present your card and ask for a sticker/initial! If businesses have questions about the program, they can get in touch with me at [email protected]

Who is paying for this?

Neighbors, Together is coordinating this program with funds received by the Town of Middlebury by the Vermont Agency of Transportation to support businesses during the construction project.

Is this only for Downtown?

No, it’s town-wide!

When does it end?

This program will run through the holidays but haven’t chosen an official end date yet. We will communicate that far and wide when we do.

Did I miss any questions? Let me know. The more businesses and customers who participate in Midd Money Match, the more successful it will be in supporting businesses and community.

Thanks…happy spending!

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