By Karen Duguay, Better Middlebury Partnership

Welcome to the new, a website dedicated to celebrating the products and experiences that make our community special.

As we began the process of redesigning a website for the community, I was reminded how chock-full of gems Middlebury is, from our recreation to our food to the things you might not even realize you can buy here. And often, a lot of the fun is in the discovery…something you can do in Middlebury no matter how long you’ve lived here.

I discover new-to-me things about this community all the time. The East Middlebury playground when my kids were very young, a new dish at Sabai Sabai that quickly became my favorite order, free indoor tennis for families on Sunday mornings at Middlebury Indoor Tennis, the absolutely perfect book— that I didn’t even know existed— for my nephew’s birthday this fall, courtesy of the Vermont Bookshop. Between the outdoor recreation, the natural beauty, the arts and cultural opportunities, the products you can find on store shelves, the things you can do with kids, the food and beverages— much of it grown or produced right here…there’s a lot to discover and a lot to celebrate about our community.

So we’ve created this website, partnering with Hark and Community Barn Ventures, that really just starts to scratch the surface of all of the things we can celebrate about the Middlebury area. We have lots more to add as we go and we’d love your help to keep the discoveries going! We truly see this as the website for our community and we want you to be able to use it that way too. So please let us know what you want to see on the site and the ways we can use it to help you better connect with businesses, town and each other.