Lighten Up

Lighten Up on Saturday, February 25, 5:30-7:00pm

A Celebration of Community, Music and Light!

Bring light to our community on February 25th with a lantern walk through the downtown. Meet at Riverfront Park in the Marble Works at 5:30pm. Enjoy a concert by Middlebury Mamajamas at 5:40pm followed by a lantern parade through downtown. Grab a hot cup of cocoa when you’re finished and head off to enjoy one of our local restaurants for dinner.

How to make a lantern:

Here are some tutorials for different kinds of lanterns if you are eager to try something out. General suggestions are that bright LED tea lights or battery-powered lightbulbs or fairy lights are good for the light, and big coffee filters are great for the tissue paper. Masking tape, white glue, and glue guns are all you need for sticking things together. Please do not use fire-powered lanterns for this event.



Trickiest, classic wood and paper lanterns… a few versions of this with different tricks involved: